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The power of Professional Tooth Bleaching for a dazzling smile, without sensitivity

Many products at the store or that you can buy online claim to whiten teeth. You may have tried them and noticed no difference in the color of your teeth. Worse yet, these one-size-fits-all trays and whitening products can irritate the teeth and gums and may even result in painful damage that requires costly restorative treatment. Fortunately, at Oroville Dentistry in California, we have professional tooth whitening (or bleaching) treatment that is safe, comfortable, gets the results you want, and is an excellent investment in your smile and confidence. 

Why professional teeth whitening works 

Teeth whitening prescribed, designed, and overseen by dentists like Dr. Daniel Appel lifts stains and whitens teeth effectively. The “magic” is in the formulation. The whitening gels that we use at our practice are made from clinically proven ingredients to break up stain molecules. Additionally, unlike OTC products, these gels contain a high enough concentration of active whitening ingredients to make a discernible difference in the color of your teeth. Beyond that, whitening treatments that Dr. Appel plans can be customized to each patient’s needs. If, for instance, you are concerned about sensitivity, he can prescribe whitening gel that has a lower concentration of the whitening ingredients. Every phase of the process can be tailored to your needs. 

The process 

We use customized bleaching trays. Each tray or oral appliance is made to fit your mouth. We take impressions of your teeth, which are then used to make the tray. The trays are then filled with whitening gel. We will provide instructions on filling up the trays and even show you how to apply the gel. Once filled, you place the tray in your mouth. The gel is then delivered to your teeth evenly. Since the tray is made to your mouth, it doesn’t irritate or rub against soft oral tissues. This superior fit prevents the gel from leaking out of the tray and supports natural and even whitening of the teeth. 

You will wear the tray as directed by your dentist. Those with sensitive teeth may wear the trays for less time each day than their counterparts without sensitive teeth. You will continue to wear the trays daily until your desired shade is achieved. We’re sure you will want to maintain your dramatically whiter teeth. So, we can also discuss products and techniques to keep your teeth looking healthy and stunning. We may also recommend “touch-ups,” every nine to 12 months or so. Generally, any product that stains your shirt will likely stain your teeth. 

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