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Dental Crowns an excellent way to preserve your natural teeth

At Oroville Dentistry, we are partners in your family’s oral health. We work with you to prevent decay and disease that threatens the health of your smile and the rest of your body. Sometimes, however, damage to a tooth is unavoidable. Likewise, challenges to your good oral health can arise over time due to new medical conditions or even due to the drugs used to treat those diseases. In these cases, dental crowns present an excellent way for patients in and around Oroville and surrounding communities to preserve their natural teeth. 

Crowns, defined

All dental crowns are materials that are prepared and shaped to fit over the natural, damaged tooth. Once cemented into place, the crown restores the pleasing appearance, comfortable feel, and healthy function of the tooth. Crowns may be made from a range of durable, tooth-like dental materials, including: 

  • Ceramics such as porcelain
  • Metals, gold, and other alloys
  • Porcelain fused to metal (PFM), a metal core with a ceramic covering

The type of dental material selected to restore your tooth depends on several factors, including the location of the tooth and your personal choices and budget. 

What to expect

During a consultation, Dr. Daniel Appel will use advanced and safe diagnostics, such as digital x-rays to evaluate your troublesome tooth. We use this type of information to determine the best option to correct damage to the tooth. A crown may be recommended among those patients with considerable tooth decay and severely weakened or fractured teeth. Less severe damage may be repaired with more conservative restorations, such as fillings. Depending on your needs, a crown may follow root canal therapy to resolve inflammation or infection at the tooth’s center (pulp tissue).

If we determine crowns are most appropriate for you, the first visit will involve removing damaged areas of the tooth. Impressions are taken of the tooth and used as a model for our lab partner to make your permanent crown. Generally, a temporary crown is placed to protect the treatment site while the permanent crown is made. You will return to our practice after the crown is completed. Dr. Appel removes the temporary, places the permanent, assures it fits well, and looks fine before cementing it to the natural tooth. All crown procedures are well-tolerated with our precision anesthetic. We can also discuss sedative options, such as complimentary nitrous oxide, to keep you relaxed during treatment. 

Smile confidently

With consistent care at home and our practice during routine checkups, you can comfortably smile, laugh, chew food, and otherwise use your crowned teeth for years to come. Call us at (530) 783-7545 to schedule your visit to our office in Oroville. We are proud to serve patients throughout the area – in ZIP codes 95965, 95966, 95917, 95938, 95968, and everywhere in between.