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Well-fitting Dentures for lasting healthy and an attractive smile

Extractions are always the last resort at Oroville Dentistry. However, should Dr. Daniel Appel be unable to preserve a badly damaged or severely infected tooth, removing it may be the only way to resolve pain and get you back on the road to excellent oral health. We will discuss tooth replacement options promptly. Fortunately, patients in the Oroville and surrounding communities have more options than ever before to replace missing teeth. Partial or complete dentures are designed to rebuild many teeth or a mouthful of teeth. They fit precisely to the contours of your mouth. Proper fit supports teeth that look and feel natural in your mouth. Well-fitting dentures also support natural and healthy function, comfortable and efficient chewing, and clear speech. 

Types of dentures 

Conventional dentures are made from materials, such as acrylic, stainless steel, and ceramics like porcelain. These materials are designed in a way to replicate the appearance and structure of gummy tissue and teeth. We partner with a skilled lab. So, the dentures look like natural teeth and gum tissue (not like “false” teeth or fake). 

Upper dentures that fit well slip into the mouth and are held in place by natural suction. Lower dentures can be trickier to hold into place due to the horseshoe shape of the floor of the mouth and lower jaw and the forceful movement of the tongue. We can discuss products that help to assure lasting comfort and satisfaction with dentures. 

Partial dentures generally are designed with clasps or other attachments. These connectors attach the prosthetic gum tissue and teeth to the natural, remaining teeth. 

Lastly, implant-retained dentures are supported by dental implants that are strategically placed in the jawbone. So, these implants function like tooth roots. They “root” or secure the denture into place. These systems, in turn, do not rely on natural suction or adhesive products for their stability. 

What to expect 

During an initial visit, Dr. Appel will evaluate the health of any remaining teeth, gums, and bone. From there, you can discuss options for tooth replacement. He may need to remove badly damaged teeth that you are holding onto and can’t be preserved healthily with treatments such as root canal therapy. 

Early into the process, he will collect as much information about your mouth as possible. For instance, impressions or models of your mouth are taken. Our skilled lab partners use these models to make your denture. We take great care during the planning process because exacting planning is needed to make dentures that have an optimal fit. And, as stated, your satisfaction with dentures depends on how well they are fitted to your mouth’s one-of-a-kind specifications. 

Once the denture is ready, we work with patients to ensure they adjust quickly to eating, speaking, and otherwise using their dentures. We will discuss cleaning these appliances and recommend products to make this process easier and as effective as possible. Depending on the type of denture that you get, we may need to reline, rebase, or replace the denture on an ongoing basis. Oral tissues evolve, and dentures must be adjusted to account for these changes and retain proper fit. 

Dentures not only complete your smile and allow you to enjoy your favorite foods again. They also prevent bone loss, a progressive and devastating condition. Do not delay calling us at (530) 783-7545 to schedule your evaluation. We are proud to serve Oroville and the surrounding communities and counties – in 95965, 95966, 95917, 95948, 95916, and other ZIP codes.