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Dr. Daniel Appel

Dr. Daniel Appel graduated from Loma Linda University in 2005. Following graduation he practiced in Seattle for five years, experiencing cutting edge technology in a high demand environment. Because of this experience, Dr. Appel strives to incorporate new technology and materials into his health care practice in a way that is safe and trustworthy. Quality, gentle dental care is the cornerstone of Dr. Appel’s office.

One of Dr. Appel’s passions in dentistry is learning about new innovations and developments in the dental field. He attends many continuing education courses throughout the year to always stay on the cutting edge. Dentistry is most rewarding when all of the hard work and education result in a patient who is truly thrilled with their dental experience. Dr. Appel is a member of several organizations that focus on dental advancement and continual learning.

Together with his wife, Dr. Appel moved from Seattle back to California for a smaller town atmosphere and to live closer to their families. They currently live with their daughters, two English Mastiffs, and a brood of chickens. Dr. Appel is proud to be living and practicing in Butte County.

When not working, Dr. Appel has a wide range of hobbies. He loves outdoor sports and anything to do with self defense and shooting. Dr. Appel loves to travel and explore new areas around the United States and abroad. Recently Dr. Appel has been enjoying gold panning and firearms. He is an avid home handyman, forester, gardener, and father. To relax Dr. Appel loves coffee, chai, crossword puzzles, and great books. His most cherished time is time spent with his wife and daughters. Following the Camp Fire, Dr. Appel and family continue to believe strongly in Butte County while they are also working to rebuild their own property and home.

Dr. Appel and family
Dr. Appel and family
Dr. Appel's family
Dr. Appel’s family
Dr. Appel's Mastiff and Daughter
Dr. Appel’s Mastiff and Daughter