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Oroville Dentistry eases pain and restores health with gentle and no-stress Tooth Extractions

Oroville Dentistry is proactive dentistry. We work with patients throughout the Oroville, California area to keep their teeth healthy, strong, and attractive-looking. However, some situations require removing the tooth to quickly ease painful pressure and restore the health and beauty of your mouth. Tooth extractions at our office are precise, gentle, straightforward, and efficient. 

Why we recommend extractions 

We cannot say it too often: Extracting a tooth is almost always a “last resort” procedure. We have a few different corrective treatments to resolve even large fillings, deep decay, or infections that affect the innermost structure of the tooth. As with all treatments, no procedure has a 100% success rate. Some teeth cannot be “rescued” with procedures like root canal therapy. In those cases, we will remove the tooth. We will also discuss options to replace the tooth. 

Not all teeth must be replaced. Wisdom teeth are “vestigial” organs, which means they are like our appendix or our tailbone. We don’t need them to function or to be healthy. The problem with these organs is, even though they serve no useful purpose, they can produce all sorts of painful conditions that threaten our health and wellbeing. 

For instance, wisdom teeth are the last teeth to develop in our mouths. When these “third molars” try to erupt through the gums, we may have very little space for them. They can become stuck or impacted in our jawbone. Impacted wisdom teeth are associated with painful pressure and can damage nearby teeth and other oral structures. During routine visits to our office, Dr. Daniel Appel monitors how these teeth are developing. He can make proactive recommendations, which help you to avoid the pain and other complications that arise due to impacted wisdom teeth. 

The process

Removing a tooth is generally a straightforward process. The tooth and the area around it are precisely numbed with a local anesthetic. Depending on your needs and if you are anxious about dental treatments, we can also discuss relaxing sedative options. Many decayed or otherwise damaged teeth can then be lifted using specialized, light-touch techniques to loosen them from the socket. Treatment can vary considerably from person to person. In general, we use sophisticated diagnostics to plan the process. So, it goes as uneventfully and efficiently as possible. We will provide clear instructions on care before and after treatment, including the best foods to eat to ensure the extraction site heals quickly. 

Gaps in your smile affect everything from the health of your diet to how you feel about yourself. Plus, the longer you go without teeth, the worse the process of destructive bone loss becomes. After all, if you don’t “use” your bone, you “lose” it! 

Contact us today at (530) 783-7545 to discuss your options. The sooner that we can treat you, the greater the odds that we may preserve your tooth or can at least recommend prompt tooth replacement to get you feeling and looking better in no time.