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Conservative and tooth-like Composite Dental Fillings restore damaged teeth

At Oroville Dentistry, Dr. Daniel Appel partners with patients throughout Butte County, Oroville, California, and the surrounding areas to preserve their natural teeth. And, when teeth are damaged by decay or other trauma, we proactively and conservatively rebuild the tooth structure. One of the ways that we restore the health of a damaged tooth is with dental fillings. 

The “basics” 

As its name suggests, fillings “fill in” cavities or holes that form in the teeth. The decay process erodes the tooth and causes cavities. Fillings may be made from a variety of materials. Composite fillings are among the most “tooth-like” dental materials. They replicate the durability and appearance of a natural tooth. The composite itself is primarily made from a combination of safe, biocompatible resin (plastic) and glass particles. That blend best mimics the characteristics of natural enamel, including how light bounces off the treated tooth.

The process 

Conventionally, cavities have been repaired with a combination of metals known as “amalgams.” The amalgam is considered an “indirect” restoration, which means that the filling is prepared outside of the tooth. Information about the tooth is used to guide the fabrication of the filling. The filling is then placed in the cavity and bonded or fixed securely to the natural tooth structure. 

Composite fillings are different. The resin is perfectly color-matched to the surrounding tooth structure and neighboring teeth. From there, Dr. Appel applies the composite resin in layers to the prepared tooth. “Preparation” involves removing decayed tissue. As each resin layer is applied, he hardens it so the material bonds securely to the natural tooth. Dr. Appel will make minor refinements to the treated tooth, and it is then polished to achieve a beautiful, natural luster. 

The benefits

As a direct restoration, composite fillings are generally conservative or tooth-preserving. This characteristic results in the most natural appearance and function following treatment. Additionally, since there is a minimal alteration to the natural tooth structure, it is generally a well-tolerated procedure. We are happy to discuss options for utmost comfort and a pleasant experience during treatment; for instance, we offer complimentary, relaxing nitrous oxide sedation. Composites can be cared for like natural teeth and will last for many years as long as you maintain good oral hygiene at home and hygiene appointments at our office.

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