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Small Diameter or Mini Implants at Oroville Dentistry

Description: Small implants are placed into the bone to act as anchors for complete dentures and removable partial dentures.  The denture/removable partial denture can still be removed from the mouth for cleaning and maintenance.

Reasons for having a small diameter implant: For many people, even perfectly made dentures can be a challenge. By the time a denture or removable partial denture is needed, there has often been significant loss of the bony ridges that usually anchor our teeth.  The less bone that remains, the harder it is for the denture to stay in place during speech and chewing.  This is especially true for lower dentures.  Once the teeth are lost, minor bone loss will continue to occur every year.

Mini-Implants can solve these problems by anchoring the denture to the bone, helping the denture to function and feel much more like your original natural teeth.  It will also help slow the bone loss in the areas around the Mini-Implants.

What to expect at your appointments:  This process involves several appointments and a few weeks of healing time, but generally you will be able to use your denture or removable partial denture throughout the process.  For this particular procedure, the timing can vary greatly depending on the patient’s existing conditions.  The following is a general picture; your procedure may vary.

  • Visit 1: Diagnostic information is gathered and impressions are taken of your mouth
  • Visit 2: Special X-Rays are taken that provide particularly detailed imaging
  • Visit 3: The implant sites are gently numbed and the implants are inserted into the bone.  Most people experience no discomfort during the procedure and minimal to no discomfort during the recovery time.
  • 4-8 weeks of healing occurs to allow the implant time to heal into your existing bone.  Your denture is modified so you can still use it during this time.
  • Visit 4: Special housings are placed into the denture to precisely match your implants.  The denture will now be anchored in place and is fully ready to be enjoyed.  The best part of mini-implants is the secure fit you get with your denture, while still being able to remove it for cleaning and maintenance.