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Restore your quality of life with Removable Partial Dentures that complete your smile

Are you holding on to damaged, aching teeth? Do you hide your smile due to gaps where teeth used to be? Modern denture options allow dentists like Dr. Daniel Appel to fill gaps efficiently and comfortably in your smile or following extractions with replacement teeth that look and feel like “the real thing.” There are no fake-looking “false teeth” or dentures that irritate the inside of the mouth or slip around here! The dentures designed at Oroville Dentistry in California are indistinguishable in appearance and function from natural teeth. They are comfortable because they are precisely made for your mouth. 

Removable Partial Dentures (RPD)

This system may be appropriate for you if Dr. Appel must remove and replace scattered groups of missing teeth. So, patients who can benefit from these dentures have some remaining healthy teeth in the upper or lower jaw. Those who need to replace an entire upper or lower arch (jaw) of teeth can benefit from our precision complete dentures. 

The RPD is primarily a metal framework that is color-matched to blend in with the surrounding gum tissue. The framework is held in place by specialized attachments that connect to the remaining healthy teeth. The replacement teeth are generally made from tooth-colored acrylic or ceramic. Our precise planning and skilled lab partners assure that the prosthetic tooth and gum tissue is matched perfectly to the contours of your mouth and other features. So, it looks like a part of you, not “plastic” in appearance. 

The process to a healthy, confident smile

The exact steps that are involved with your treatment depend on those characteristics that are specific to you. For instance, the number of teeth and their locations play a role in the design of your RPDs. And some patients may benefit from crowns placed on top of the natural, supportive teeth to help stabilize the RPD. Generally, all RPD-wearers should expect around four visits to our practice. In-between these visits, our lab will add different components to make your custom-fit denture. Once the appliance is completed, we will check that it fits optimally and check that all is well during a follow-up appointment. We can make fine adjustments throughout the process to ensure that you never have to think about your dentures while wearing them. We are also happy to provide suggestions on caring for your appliance and ways to assure your dentures look and feel great for the long haul. 

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