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Experience Sedation Dentistry, our gentle and stress-free approach to dental care

Oroville Dentistry blends warm, inviting, personalized and relationship-based care with advanced techniques and state-of-the-art dental technologies. This combination supports a pleasant and comfortable experience at our practice serving the Oroville and surrounding communities. Sedation dentistry represents yet another tool that Dr. Daniel Appel has to assure even the most anxious patients remain relaxed throughout treatment. 

No-fear dentistry

Patients may benefit from a sedative medication prescribed to their unique needs and based on factors such as their medical history. Appropriate candidates may have a long-standing fear or anxiety over dental visits. Often, dental fear originates in early, negative experiences at other dentist’s offices in childhood. 

At Oroville Dentistry, we acknowledge this and take great care to help our patients rethink their perception of dentistry. It is also essential to understand that dentistry has made great strides. We have more products and tools than ever before to ensure a painless, comfortable visit and speedy, uneventful healing.

Sedation dentistry at our practice may also be appropriate for: 

  • Patients with bad gag reflex
  • Long or complex treatments


Nitrous oxide is a safe option for patients of all ages. The calming “laughing gas” is delivered through a small nasal mask. Due to the neutralizing effect of oxygen, nitrous oxide wears off quickly. There is no lingering drowsiness following your visit! Many patients like that they remain awake and can respond to commands, only they feel carefree and not bothered by their surroundings and treatment. 

Oral conscious sedation may be appropriate for patients with more severe fear or anxiety. We will prescribe a relaxing sedative and go over directions for usage before your appointment. As its name suggests, the sedative is taken orally, usually in pill form. You remain “conscious” or awake throughout treatment. This sedative method induces a level of sleepiness and relaxation that tends to linger. So, it is necessary that you arrange transportation to and from our office. You will have little to no memory of the procedure afterward. 

Furthermore, nitrous oxide at our practice is a complimentary service. Both options are also needle-free, which is vital because needles are common sources of fear among those patients who avoid going to the dentist. 

Routine visits to our practice ensure your mouth and overall health remains healthy. Experience our gentle and stress-free approach to dentistry. Call us at (530) 783-7545 to schedule your appointment today.