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Dental Fillings

What is a dental filling?

A dental filling is a durable material that we use to replace diseased or missing tooth structure, and also to seal the bacteria out so they can't cause further problems.

Can dental fillings be avoided?

Yes, for the most part, with really good home care. Most of the areas that we end up having to restore for people have to do with lack of adequate home care or trauma or both.

Is there any way that we can place dental fillings without having to use a drill?

Unfortunately, right now drills are still the best method. There were some early promising potential with lasers, but there are really a lot of setbacks with lasers.

What are the main types of fillings?

There are two fillings that are primarily used throughout most of the world at this point. The first and the best is called composite. The second type of filling material that most of us are probably aware of from our childhood would be silver fillings or amalgam fillings.

Can my dental fillings match the color of my teeth?

Absolutely. We have lots of different colors and translucencies of materials that we can use to create a really beautiful result.

Does the process of a dental filling hurt?

Dental procedures, including fillings, should not hurt. If you are having pain, you should let your dental team know.

Can I brush my teeth after getting a dental filling?

Absolutely. Please do. Floss and brush away. You do need to be careful right after the appointment not to chew on anything because there's a lot that's still numb in there.

Do dental fillings need to be replaced?

Occasionally, they do need some help. Yes. The most common reasons why I see fillings needing to be replaced would be number one, not taking good care of them at home. Number two, trauma. Number three, fillings that were way too large when they were placed originally. Number four, chewing on things that we shouldn't be chewing on. And then the last reason would be a lack of a night guard.

How much does a filling cost?

You can kind of assume if you're right and it is just a filling that you need, somewhere between $300 to $400 a tooth would be a decent ballpark. But you really need to have a dentist take a look in your mouth, take an x-ray, see what's actually going on.

If I think I have a problem, how soon should I get in?

The answer is as fast as it works for your life. Dental problems never get less expensive. They never get better on their own. It always gets worse and more expensive with time.

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