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Free Nitrous Sedation, a $200/hr Value

Free Nitrous 

Experience the ultimate comfort and relaxation during your dental appointment with our free Nitrous service.


  • Reduces anxiety and fear
  • Appointments feel shorter
  • Significantly decreases any discomfort
  • Helps decrease gag reflex
  • Less sensitivity to vibration
  • Decreases jaw joint pain
  • Helps you feel more comfortable and relaxed
  • Protects your heart by reducing blood pressure and anxiety
  • Extremely safe for almost all ages and health conditions
  • Out of your system within a few minutes, so no designated driver needed

Dental Sedation

What is dental sedation?

Dental sedation is the use of medication to reduce anxiety and fear about dentistry. There are three main ways that we provide this: nitrous sedation or laughing gas, pill form of sedation, and IV sedation for extreme cases.

What are some of the benefits of nitrous sedation?

Nitrous sedation has numerous benefits. It reduces fear and anxiety, decreases pain and sensitivity to vibration, lessens the gag reflex, reduces jaw and joint pain from keeping the mouth open, and creates a general sense of relaxation.

What type of sedation do you use at Daniel Appel DDS?

I prefer nitrous sedation because it is extremely safe and controllable. It is simply provided through a nose piece and leaves the system quickly after the procedure. Within about five minutes, patients can walk out and drive home without assistance.

What types of dentistry can I have sedation for?

You can have sedation for all types of dentistry. It helps you feel more relaxed and have less memory of the procedure, making the overall experience more pleasant.

Is nitrous sedation provided for free?

Yes, at Daniel Appel DDS, we believe in the benefits of nitrous sedation strongly enough to provide it for free to our patients. This helps to make dental care more accessible, especially for those who may be afraid of dental procedures.

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