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Insurance & Financing

What financing options are available for patients who need a procedure but don't have the cash upfront?

We work with a number of companies that specialize in healthcare financing to help patients out. For instance, CareCredit is a well-known one. For established patients with a good record, we have an in-house financing process to help spread the cost over time. We can also bill the insurance company for the procedures.

How do insurance companies factor into payment processes?

Insurance companies can be unpredictable, and we have no way to influence their decisions. However, we will do our best to help patients get as much benefit from their insurance as possible. We can bill the insurance company for procedures as a courtesy to our patients.

Do patients have to pay for their procedure upfront on the day of the procedure?

This depends on the financing situation that has already been worked out. If you're working with a healthcare lender to finance treatment, then you'll have monthly payments with them. If we've worked out an in-house financing process with an established patient, then they have a credit card-based monthly payment. If you're an insurance patient, it varies. Our insurance specialists work with patients to determine how their insurance company works. Some require a certain payment upfront and then they pay the rest later, others send you the entire amount, which you then have to reimburse us.

Does healthcare financing always require a credit check?

If you're working with a third-party healthcare financier, such as CareCredit, they generally will require a credit score review. However, they work with a wide range of credit scores.

Does dental insurance typically cover the cost of most procedures?

This varies a lot, depending on what insurance and specific sub-plan you have. This is constantly changing, so it's best to have our insurance specialist do an evaluation for you, which we offer for free. Insurance companies generally cover a decent portion of basic things like cleanings and basic fillings, but for other types of procedures, they put more of the weight on the patient.

How can a patient determine what their insurance company will cover?

You can either call your insurance company directly or contact our financial and insurance team. They can review the information we've received from the insurance company and clarify as much as we can. However, it's important to note that insurance companies sometimes change their minds about payment promises, even up until the last moment. We can give you an estimation of what they say they will do, but at the end of the day, it is an estimation.

What is the main goal of your office regarding patient financing?

Our main goal is to minimize financial barriers, allowing people to move forward with treatment and keep their smiles beautiful. If you have any questions, our financial team is available to clarify your options.

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